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Our Services

In IRCA GRUP we are specialized in manufacturing various types of Electrical heaters for the plastics industry. We manufacture all types and shapes of planar resistors Mica, Iron and Steel.

We also offer, tooling services: machining stamping products. Turning. We manufacture parts themselves matrices.


Hermetic Clamps RCH

Special clamps for sealing applications where the heating element is required (eg. Prevent penetration of molten plastic or humid atmospheres etc.). Tube manufactured starting resistance annealing and brass wire welded cassette protected nickel mesh of 500 mm. 4W density per square cm, temperatures up to 400C.


Heating Clamps AN

Clamps with screw closure density of 5W / adaptable to 350 cm2. Very robust resistance allowing for its wide variety of measures to adapt to a wide range of applications. Cable lenght 1000mm nickel coated fiberglass support flexibility and high temperature.


Heating Clamps AF

Clamps with fastening system pin friction, allowing adapt in places where access is not possible with the traditional screw system. Densisdad 5W per cm2. Adaptable to temperatures of 350 ° C. 1000mm nickel wire coated fiberglass. Output connections testa and 180 of the fastening pin. Clamping is done by pressure or soft hammer blows so that the pin friction when entering the pressure necessary to exert it locks.


Heating Clamps RCN


Heating Resistors Flat Plate and Molds

The flat IRCAGRUP resistors are used for warming plates and molds for the plastics, rubber, etc. They are manufactured according the demand in stainless steel, brass or iron, and its thickness is 3 mm. They can reach densities wattage of 5.2 watts / cm 2 to 5.6 watt / cm 2 but for optimal performance, it is advisable not to exceed a wattage density of 4.5 watts / cm 2.



Stamping machining products. Turning. We manufacture parts themselves matrices. Brass, steel and other materials. From tenth to 1 mm.